NW Hays County Air Rifle Team

NW Hays County Air Rifle Team is chartered by the American Legion and is affiliated with NRA (Texas State Rifle Association), Civilian Marksmanship Program and USA Sports.

The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program is conducting a unique National Air Rifle Tournament that does not require any travel for each participating team! 

Each shooter can shoot a Sporter or a Precision air rifle, but not both.

We order one target set for each member at $8 per each and then we set a date for the tournament which will be held on our own shooting range. Everyone shoots a target set and then I send all of the target sets to the American Legion National Headquarters where they are scored for ranking. Those persons on our team who finish in the top 300 scores will shoot again for prizes. The top prizes in the next round is a $2500 and/or a college scholarship, with lesser prizes for those who finish in the top 30.

You can check out the rules and instructions of the Match Program at www.legion.org/shooting. I encourage everyone to partricipate in this opportunity. It will be a fun experience.

Best Regards,      

Phil Terrell
(512) 264-3981 

Latest NW Hays County Air Rifle Team News & Info

November 15, 2010

On 4 November, 2010, two Dripping Springs boys were presented their blue shooters vests at a ceremony held at the local American Legion Post 290 in Dripping Springs.  The vests signify that the boys have successfully completed the American Legion Position Air Rifle classroom and range certification training that was presented by our Post. The two boys are Bobby Miller and Quinlan Myers.  In attendance were the boys' parents, brothers and sisters.  The presenters were Coaches Phil Terrell and Dave McGlamery of the NW Hays County Air Rifle Team.  This team is sponsored and supported by the Vince F. Taylor American Legion Post 290 of Dripping Springs and is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, Civilian Marksmanship Program and USA Sports (Olympics).

Cory Johnson, Wyatt Williamson, and Andrew Smith were the first three members to complete the initial training and the beginning marksmanship program at the Post in November, 2009 as class #1. Since then, Aaron Hall, Zane Myers, Nick Petricka, Bobby Miller and Quinlan Myers have also completed the training and marksmanship program as members of classes #2 and #3. Mr. Terrell, a member of Post 290, did the initial planning and preparation to get the program started and conducts both the classroom and range training.  Mr. Terrell is a former US Marine and is a certified firearms instructor.  He has been assisted by Mr. McGlamery, a US Air Force veteran, and several other veterans at Post 290.

The Post received a grant of ten new air rifles, pellet ammunition, shooting glasses and targets from the Texas State Rifle Association, headquartered in Austin.  This grant makes it possible for our young shooters to learn marksmanship and receive instruction in safe and proper use of firearms with little or no costs to the family.  Shooters can also use their own Sporter Class target air rifles if they have one. Marksmanship practice is held every Saturday, 10 AM, at the Veteran's Hall in the three-bay garage area.